with care and experience 

All MStrath products are manufactured according to strict pharmaceutical guidelines. Natural primary yeast cells of the strain “Saccharomyces cerevisiae Meyen” are used to produce MStrath herbal yeast. The yeast cells are combined with more than 50 selected herbal extracts in the unique MStrath process. These herbal extracts are taken up by the yeast cells and metabolized.

A natural, gentle fermentation process then opens up the cell walls of the yeast (plasmolysis). The unique, plasmolysed herbal yeast that is the result forms the basis for all MStrath products.

所有《MStrath 瑞康宝》产品均按照严格的药品卫生监督指南生产。在独特的《MStrath 瑞康宝》生产过程中,酵母细胞与超过50种特选的草药结合。这些草药被酵母细胞吸收并代谢。


然后,自然及温和的发酵过程中,把酵母的细胞壁打开(质壁分离或胞浆分裂法)。独特的质壁分离或胞浆分裂的草本酵母就是所有《MStrath 瑞康宝》产品的基础。