Improved Performance


MStrath and increased efficiency 

A double-blind study with MStrath Food Supplement on 60 test subjects. Duration: 12 weeks. ("SWISS PHARMA" 11, 1981,Prof. Dr. E. Dörling, Hamburg) 


The following criteria were selected: Fatigue, nervous tension, concentration, resistance, physical and mental efficiency, concentration, reaction, memory, recovery capacity and vitality.

Improvement of 64% in the MStrath group and of 10% in the placebo group. Specific notes in the MStrath group regarding general condition: fewer headaches, improved digestion, fresher skin, less fatigue, better sleep, less brittle nails, more enterprising.All the notes in the placebo group were negative in content.

Experimental trial of a yeast supplement during a period of high physical exertion. ("JUGEND + SPORT", Fachzeitschrift für Leibesübungen der Eidg. Turn- und Sportschule Magglingen, No. 6, 1976, F.H. Schwarzenbach)

The efficacy of MStrath Food Supplement was tested in a seven-week controlled study of 2 groups of 35 Finnish athletes each, from various disciplines.

In the period when MStrath was taken, the average distance covered by the athletes in a 12-minute endurance run (Cooper test) was increased by 142 m.
The coaches recorded improved powers of concentration and a shorter post-exertion recovery period for their athletes during the time when MStrath was being taken. Taking the supplement resulted in improved self-assessment, the principal criteria mentioned being appetite, digestion and sleep.