About MM Network

Trusted To Care • Trusted To Nurture • Trusted To Lead • Trusted To Offer Only The Best


Our vision 2023, to Become a Top 10 MLM Company in Malaysia.

Corporate Background

Founded in 2002, MM Network has continued to uphold a unique corporate MISSION that stresses “HEALTHIER, WEALTHIER & HAPPIER". Together We Share HEALTHIER, WEALTHIER and HAPPIER” in line with its goals of correcting the minds of the people and improving humanity to create a world filled with love.

  • In hope that mankind be always strong and HEALTHIER, we continue to provide them with only quality products

  • In hope that the whole world to be prosperous, we lead them to a life full of WEALTHIER

  • In hope that everyone can have a HAPPIER life, we wholeheartedly promote the culture of having a loving spirit


With extensive distribution network in Malaysia, MM NETWORK is one of the direct selling companies with the BEST NUTRITION SUPPLEMENTS in Malaysia. MM NETWORK also plan to expand its business into international markets. Furthermore, MM NETWORK has work together with an International GMP-compliant health food products manufacturing factory to produce high quality products to benefit the customers.

In addition to its team of elite leaders, MM NETWORK’s comprehensive mechanism and unique health philosophy are crucial in the creation of this sustainable and everlasting organization.





  • 为着确保大众健康强壮,健富乐持续推广健康优质产品

  • 为着促进世界富裕繁荣,健富乐带给人类丰富富足生活

  • 为着希望人人幸福平安,健富乐大力传播喜乐大爱精神