Bio availability 高活性

Improvement of bioavailability of minerals and vitamin B1 thanks to MStrath® Original herbal yeast. In-vitro study by Dr. Karin Engelhart-Jentzsch, 01/2017

The results of the new in-vitro study on the absorption of micro-nutrients in the intestinal epithelium clearly show that MStrath herbal yeast improves the active absorption of magnesium, zinc, iron and vitamin B1. Average values in the series of tests with MStrath are six (iron) to ten (vitamin B1) times higher than average values from the control samples with pure micro-nutrients. The results allow the conclusion to be drawn that the MStrath complex also improves absorption of vital substances from food.

Earlier study results (haemoglobin values during pregnancy) and empirical findings obtained over many years indicate that, thanks to the product's balanced and natural composition, the vital substances in the MStrath complex can be optimally absorbed, and the absorption of vital substances from food and other products is improved overall.